Check out the link below for examples of our high quality Freelance FAs ready to meet your VIP needs or Email us directly for freelance Pilot requests.


At VIP FA Recruit, we have a large database of contracted and experienced Freelance Pilots & Flight attendants readily available for assignments in the UK, all major cities throughout Europe, MENA, USA and other major cities.


Because of this we are always able to source a Freelancer  wherever your aircraft is, or will be, and at relatively short notice, saving our clients time and money on positioning flights and additional travel days, costs for flights and accommodation.

Need a Freelance pilot?  Click on the link above to email your request directly to us and our team will get back to you.  



For pilots wishing to register as a freelancer,  please send your resumes to

Apply to be a Freelance Pilot


If you wish to apply to be one of our freelancers,  all you have to do is download our freelance template & our freelance agreement below, complete, sign and email it back to us  at,  along with a clear portrait & full length picture in business attire. *Please note: Pictures are not mandatory, although we do suggest you add them to your profile.