We pride ourselves with firsthand knowledge and experience working in this highly private area of the aviation industry.

We have built a vast and comprehensive database of experienced Flight Attendants, Pilots, Engineers and various aviation professionals all of whom have specialised backgrounds covering all types of aircraft and operational criteria.

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional crew who are trained for executive start-up and existing operations and to provide our candidates with the opportunity to advance and succeed in this challenging aviation sector.

Our business is geared to rapidly respond to clients’ demands whilst demonstrating our practical, innovative & successful initiatives to achieve the standards that VIP FA RECRUIT take pride in.


Our Team

Emma Woolley

Owner/Director Recruitment & Client Liaison

My significant experience working within both Corporate & VIP Aviation will undoubtedly be conducive to our valued clientele as we aim to maximise the standard & professionalism of service our team at VIP FA RECRUIT provides.

We always work closely with our clients and take a full brief of their specific crew needs to ensure that when we recruit for the