“Buy these products together and you’ll save money”!


  1. CV Service including complimentary airbrushed photographs,  Dropbox storage for all your supporting documentation, for ease of access and which can easily be forwarded to prospective employers, one free photograph change and  two minor CV edits within 12 months of purchase.


  1. CV Introduction Video: record a 2 minute Introduction video which we will edit and present in an eye catching a memorable format. 


Upon purchase you will receive a receipt with instructions on what information we require to prepare your new CV, and how to do your 2-minute Introduction Video CV.


Due to Covid more and more companies are requesting applicants provide a Introduction video. 


We will ensure that yours is presented in an eye catching format to compliment your new CV.  We can even add your Video to your interactive CV for extra impact!


We have all been affected by COVID-19 and in recent months many people have lost their jobs due to redundancies or company closures.


We review hundreds of cabin crew CVs each month and have noticed that many applicants make the same mistakes.


So, for a limited time only we decided to offer our CV writing service, including:


  • Free airbrushing of your portrait and full length photographs.
  • Complimentary Dropbox storage: In your Dropbox you can keep all your supporting documentation and CV together for easy access. Which can easily be forwarded to prospective employers.
  • A change of photographs within 12 months of purchase
  • Two minor CV edits within 12 months of purchase
  • Video CV 


The most common reason people don’t make it to the interview stage is a poorly laid out and worded CV. More often than not they lack the spark and character that a good CV should always have!


With years of experience in the aviation field and VIP sector our aim is to help you advance in your career by getting you noticed for your achievements and experience.


We have knowledge in both the recruitment and CV Writing. So we know exactly what makes a CV stand out from the rest. We’ll make it professional, personalized and unique to you.


Our CVs are generally two pages long, they are interactive, which means we can add cover letters, training certificates, full length photographs and any other supporting documentation you would like via a thumbnail link which opens.


We have already had fantastic results from crew who have ordered our CV. Many crew who had not had success or responses to their applications have received interview invitations and job offers shortly after submitting their newly designed CV & Video CV!


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Let us help you make your next step into your dream career!


Please allow 5-7 working days, from receipt of all requested information to receive the final edited CV and CV Video.



$100.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price