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CV EDIT Service (Express)


For those urgent edits we guarantee between 24-48 hrs upon receipt of requested edits.



Require more CV Edits?
With our CV service you get 2 complimentary minor CV edits free within 12 months of purchase. Should you require further edits, you can purchase our additional CV edit service to get up to 5 additional CV Edits.
• Minor Summary change: 1 credit
• Add a new job: 1 credit
• Change of Address: 1 credit
• Change of phone number: 1 credit
• Add additional certificates: 1 credit (per 2 certificates).
• Add reference contacts: 1 credit
• Change job description: 2 credits per position.
• Change of Photographs: 3 credits
• LinkedIn Changer of Profile Header: 3 Credits
• LinkedIn change of CV Profile Folder: 4 Credits
• Complete Design Change: 5 credits
• Miscellaneous Minor edit: 1
• Miscellaneous rewrite a portion: 2 credits
• Miscellaneous Design change: 3 credits
• *If the edit you require is not on this list, please enquire before purchase.



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