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What you will get:

Cover Letter + CV + LinkedIn + CV Introduction Video

  • Cover Letter plus CV 
  • We will design and write you a winning cover letter and give it to you in both PDF and word format, so you can tailor it to specific jobs.
  • Redesign your current CV in an eye-catching format and add to the content where necessary.
  • Free Dropbox Storage for all your supporting documents
  • Free photograph airbrushing
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • We will completely update and redesign your LinkedIn profile
  • Making sure it mirrors your new CV
  • We will add you to all mainstream groups for your industry, so the latest jobs come up on your feed.
  • We upload your new cover letter and CV into a eye catching presentation folder, which can easily be downloaded by prospective employers.
  • CV Introduction Video
  • Our design team will make your 2-minute CV Introduction video, which will be include covering all aspects of your CV, using the latest video editing and graphics to really make it pop!

With this package you are bound to get noticed!




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