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Express 24-48 HRS CV Service



With our CV Express service, we guarantee you will receive your new CV within 24-48 HRS of purchase.

  • A copy of your old CV, plus any additional information that’s missing.
  • You will need to provide us Month/Year you start and finish each position
  • Education: Type of Certificate award i.e., Bachelor, Master etc. year of graduation, University name and location.
  • Reference contacts: Name, Designation, Company and contact details email/phone
  • Your portrait and full-length photograph in business attire, (we can airbrush your photographs if you wish, which is free with our CV service).
  • Training certificates, visa copies, COVID vaccination certificate, residence visa copy, cabin crew Licence, reference letters, these are all great additions to add to your CV and separate document folder.   Try to send us either Jpeg. or PDF clear copies etc.
  • Other information that is a great addition to your CV would be:  Mentioning the aircraft type you are qualified on, if you are COVID vaccinated (type of Vaccination received), your height, do you drive, which country are you a resident of, have you done additional training courses such a WSET wine course, silver service, butler course etc.

The faster you send us the requested information the faster we can complete the order!

*Note: we will complete the order within 48 hours with the information you provide us within this timeframe, but you will have up to 7 days to add additional information.







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