Do you have professional photographs?

Image is very important with any job application but especially with customer facing and in hospitality positions. We often receive selfies or poor-quality photographs from candidates. First impressions count, so you want to invest in your photographs in order to portray a polished and professional image.

We can air brush photographs taken either from a studio or at home with your camera phone. *Providing you take the ones at home next to a plain background or wall, the lighting is good, the photograph is not blurry and its not a photograph you have previously airbrushed.

Image Crop: Trim unwanted portions of your photo Image
Change the background to a studio-coloured backdrop
Color Correction: Improve quality for a vivid photo
Red Eye Removal: Remove unwanted “red eye”
Skin Smoothing: Smooth skin and remove pores and lines
Blemish Removal: Remove bumps and blemishes
Mouth: Change or enhance lip color and shape of mouth
Teeth Whitening:
Enhance your smile
Hair: Enhance color/texture of hair for a polished look
Eye Shape: Open up and widen eyes
Make-up Application: enhance/add make-up
Reduce Focus Blur: Sharpen image quality
Photo Color: Enhance/adjust overall photo color or change background.

Instructions once you Purchase:
Once you have purchased our airbrush Photo option you will receive a receipt and further instructions.

We will require you to forward a copies of a recent photograph which you wish to have airbrushed/touched up. For application purposes we can retouch up to 6 photographs consisting of portrait and full-length photographs.

Once you have emailed this to us we email you confirmation of receipt and get to work on your photographs straight away!

Email your photos to:
Quoting Ref: My/Photograph/edit

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to email final photographs.