This product is great for pilots and flight attendants who often are asked to submit supporting documentation with their applications. Don’t waste tie attaching multiple single documentation to your email applications. Instead Let us organise all your supporting documentation neatly into an eye catching folder…!

We will give you the folder in both PDF and PPTX. versions so you can continually add or change what you add to your supporting documentation-folder.

By presenting your Licences, visas, training certificates, references and achievements in one eye catching folder your job applications will be far easier and you will look much more organised, polished and professional to prospective employers.

Let us organise your files for you and take the hassle out of attaching all those supporting documentation to each email application by streamlining all your documents into a single presentation file.

Once you place an order will will send you a list of the typical supporting documentation you should add to your presentation folder.

Let’s get organised!


Although we endeavour to complete all orders in a timely fashion, please allow 7-10 working days upon receipt of ALL documentation to complete your order. We guarantee once you see the amount of time, care and personalised work that goes into each of our products you will see it is worth the wait!