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Special Combo Offer: CV + LinkedIn + Market Me Video



We have had such a great response from our candidates and clients with our CV and New Market Me video that we decided to offer a complete VIP Flight Attendant preparation package:


With this VIP package you will receive: 

  • Your New Cover Letter & CV: 
  • We will write you a winning Cover Letter and provide you it in both PDF and Word format so you can tailor it to specific jobs.
  • Create a unique eye-catching Interactive CV which will make you stand out from the crowd!
  • All your documents in a presentation folder which we attach via a link to your CV
  • Free Photograph airbrushing and all your photographs in a beautiful presentation folder which we attach to your CV via a link.


  • LinkedIn optimization service: We completely redesign your LinkedIn to make it more eye catching and so it mirrors your new CV.
  • If you are not flying, we can sign you up as a freelancer with us and place our logo on your page, thus making you more desirable for other aviation companies.
  • We expand your network by adding all our industry contacts to your connections, people like Directors of Recruitment, Chief pilots and Lead flight attendants and other aviation companies. By adding them to your network we are putting your profile on their radar and by making your page more eye catching they are more likely to stop off on your page and you are more likely to get headhunted!
  • After this we will add you to all the main aviation groups on LinkedIn, so the latest jobs pop up in your feed.
  • Finally, we upload your new Cover letter and CV into a nice presentation file which sits on your LinkedIn profile, and which can easily be downloaded by prospective employers!


  • Market Me Video:  We will create your very own market me video.
  • With your new Market Me video you can market yourself on all social media platforms.
  • Send your Market Me video along with your application, this will make you standout and allow you a chance to highlight your talent and for the employer to get to know you,
  • Finally, we will feature you on our brand-new Market Me recruitment page, which is viewable to all our UHNW and VIP clients as well as our Corporate and charter companies increasing your chances of landing that sought after VIP aviation position.

With our VIP Combo package get noticed and standout from the crowd!


Although we endeavour to complete all orders in a timely fashion, please allow 7-10 working days upon receipt of ALL documentation to complete your order. We guarantee once you see the amount of time, care and personalised work that goes into each of our products you will see it is worth the wait!

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