The Rules- Photographs

We receive applications all the time from very experienced Flight Attendants whose CV and credentials are fantastic but often the accompanying photographs can let them down.

A big part of this business is presentation, so we thought it would be a good idea to post a few handy tips.

With every application we receive we always ask for 2 photographs to accompany the Flight Attendants resume.

1 One portrait & one full length in business attire

Many commercial crew make the mistake of sending photograph in their uniform, remeber ladies if you want to make the transition into the world of corporate flying then your overall look should be 'Corporate.'

2. Posture is important

The way you stand in a picture speaks volumes. So, stand confidently and make a good impression. I personally feel that the most flattering position is side on, one leg slightly in front of the other with hands clasped at the front or with one hand gentley placed on the hip and one arm at your side.

3. Professional HD Photographs

It isn't necessary to pay for professional photographs as long as the photographs you send us are good quality and have a neutral background. Never send pictures of yourself taken in a casual setting or with other people in them or in the background as this doesn't look professional. Attention to details is a prerequisite for this job, so please keep this in mind when submitting your application to us.

4.Make-up, hair and clothing

Wear make-up but ensure it is neautral and appropriate for the day time, never wear heavy excessive make-up, too much can be just as bad as too little!

Your hair can be worn up or down but should always look neat and polished. If you unkept hair or have roots showing this does not make a good impression to prospective employers so make sure you look your best before taking those all important pictures! Avoid wearing excessive amounts of jewelery, dangly earings or wear sunglasses.

Ensure the clothing you wear is strictly business attire. This could be a suit consisting of a jacket, a skirt or trousers and a shirt in neutral colours. Heels always elongate the leg but avoid open toe sandals or very high heels.

Never wear ill fitted clothing or revealing clothing. This does not give the right impression especially when applying for jobs in countries with strict dress codes, customs & cultures.

Last but not least remeber to Smile!

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